• MSS Safety Rally Barossa - Media Accreditation

    19 - 20 October 2024

MSS Safety Rally Barossa Media Accreditation is STRICTLY available to professional journalists and photographers only. This includes:

  • Working Media covering the event
  • Local TV and Radio, Press Representatives
  • Motorsport Press
  • Photographers with motorsport customers / motorsport specific websites

Applications not considered Media Coverage include:

  • Freelance writers / photographers not on assignment for an established news outlet / motorsport website
  • Personal (Non-Motorsport) Facebook Page / YouTube Channel where you publish your photos / videos
  • Personal (Non-Motorsport) blog where you publish your photos.
  • Your friend is competing at the event and you want to take photos for him.
  • Spouses and other guests of working media
  • You are under 18 years old.

All Accreditation applications MUST be sent with a letter from an editor and / or proof of previous coverage. Please address all correspondence to [email protected]

Media Accreditation will ONLY be issued to applicants with previous WORKING experience working at dirt rallies or similar off-road events. Previous experience must be stated on the form below.

Motorsport Australia Media Accreditation not compulsory but highly recommended. Applicants who do not currently hold Motorsport Australia Media Accreditation are able to apply for this via the Motorsport Australia website Please Note: Holding Motorsport Australia Accreditation does not necessarily mean credentials will be granted or approved. It is at the discretion of the organisers as to/ if you will be accredited.

Accredited event photographers will receive unrestricted access to all competitive stages.

Reconnaissance for competitive stages for Accredited Media must be booked at the Media Briefing (Time and Date TBC). All reconnaissance MUST be booked prior to commencement and may be time limited.

As a condition of accreditation, MSS Safety Rally Barossa organisers may request from accredited photographers at least two (2) high resolution, copyright free, un-watermarked images from the event for use in future publicity material. Should this occur, appropriate acknowledgement will be given where possible. By submitting this form, you agree to this condition.

Accredited photographers will be required to wear an event or MA media vest while on stages. The event vests require a deposit of $50, refunded when returned.

Receipt of this form is not an automatic approval of credentials. To be considered, your application must be compliant with the above criteria and proof

If you have any questions regarding the media accreditation process in 2024, we encourage you to contact the Media Coordinator on the below numbers.

Media Accreditation or Photographer Accreditation Enquiries Only

Cheers Ivar

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